Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creating a Podcast

Once upon a time, I was the host of a weekly podcast series called Metal Tonite. It came about from my strong love for talk shows, and my wanting to get into the business. It was the typical on again off again type of story. I had no conviction and I kept dragging other people into something I was passionate about. I technically haven't shelved the show, and I'm really no longer producing it. Unfortunately, I think This concept will have to stay on the shelf until I can establish myself with a different concept.

This series will be about a new struggle creating a brand new podcast. The one thing I have going for me is that I still have all of my recording equipment, so I won't need to shell out for any of that. I impressed an old co-worker when I brought all my gear in to work one day so I could interview him. Hmmm.... Lets see if I can give a good list of what gear I have.

In no certain order:
1x Mackie Onyx 2 port pre amp
1x Yamaha Sound Mixer with 8 sound ports
3x Sennheiser Microphones Non phantom
1x AKG Microphone Phantom powered
1x AKG Recording Headphones
1x 20 inch G5 Imac
2x Boom Microphone Stands
1x M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Midi + Keyboard for mac with pedal

I have a couple other pieces, but those are more for playing in a band more than using for a podcast.

I've already come up with a great idea for my new concept, but I'll get more into the complete concept on a later date. I'm going to try my hand at a staged setting that will be fairly comparable to a radio host I've listened to since I was a kid, Phil Hendrie. He is a character actor that has been on the radio as long as I've known. I'm planning on doing an interview style talk show where I play all the characters, unless I can find a friend or two that is willing to do one for me. I don't plan on doing the show live so the whole timing issue shouldn't be a problem.

Well, that seems to be enough for this post. Next time, I'll give some more info on the planning process. Maybe some character design, but at least more on coming up with the concept of the show.

Monday, November 19, 2012

WWE Survivor Series

Oh the agony!! I've been waiting since yesterday afternoon at around 4 PM to check out my usual wrestling news sites. I am close to dying, thats how hard it is for me right now. At this very second, in spite of the fact of me typing, I am laying on my office floor in the fetal position. But soon, it shall be resolved. Maybe in the next hour or so.

WWE Survivor Series is one of the big four pay per views that WWE has put on  annually since the mid to late 80s. The others being the Royal Rumble, in January, Summerslam in August or July, and Wrestlemania, the grand daddy of them all, in late March or early April.

This years lineup is actually quite interesting since this is usually one of the more crappy pay per views. Well, last years wasn't too bad either. This year, "The Best in the World" CM Punk is being unfairly forced into facing John Cena and the ever always hungry monster, Ryback. Feed Me More, one of the most disrespectful sayings against our reigning champion, will ultimately be the downfall to this beast of a man. And John Cena? That man hasn't been relevant since he adopted his despicable and incredibly lazy 5 Moves of Doom.

I have not doubt the our WWE Champion will come out of this match VICTORIOUS!! I mean, watch RAW from last week and see how CM Punk single handedly resuscitated Paul Heyman in an incredibly tense and scary moment when he narrowly missed having a life threatening heart attack on live tv. It was incredibly difficult to watch, and I'm glad CM Punk knew CPR and was able to save the day.

The other big match on the lineup is a classic Survivor Series Five Man Elimination Tag Match. Whew.... That was a lot of capitols. The two teams are: Team Foley(Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Kane, The Miz, and Randy Orton) and Team Ziggler("The Show Off/Mr Money in the Bank" Dolph Ziggler, "Our Intellectual Savior and Martyr of the Masses" Damian Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett). This match started out because Mick Foley stuck his nose in the business of CM Punk. When Punk was pulled from this match, the captainship went to the best candidate imaginable, Dolph Ziggler. Next the Miz quit the team because lets face it, he is a quitter. It can't be disproven, because he did in fact quit. With Ryback gone from the match, there was still one extra slot available and for some reason (I think the votes were rigged) he got on to team Foley. So Vince McMahon did the only reasonable thing, that I think he has done in the past few years, and Made Dolph Ziggler the new captain of the team.

I digress and I jump off the bad guy box. I love rooting for the bad guys. But CM Punk really is the best in the world. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kyushu Sumo Tournament

Depending on which continent you live on, This Saturday/Sunday is the start to the final sumo tournament of the year. Those of you that know me know what a fan of sumo I am. Unlike the WWE, sumo is all about skill and technicality, and I find it more exciting and nerve wracking sometimes.

Lets jump right in. There are several different issues with this tournament then the rest of the other ones this year.

Issue # 1

Haramafuji was just promoted to Yokozuna. While not done very impressively, since three of the ozeki (second highest level) dropped out due to injury, I was really rooting for him to win. Out of all six ozeki in the last tournament, he is the only one who had the look and determination. Hopefully He will give Hakuho a run for his money, since I don't wish to see him win any more tournaments. The three that dropped out last time have all healed and are back, presumably at least at 80 - 100%. They will give this new yokozuna a run for his money.

Issue #2

The three ozeki that dropped out of this tournament (Baruto, Kotooshu, and Kotoshogiku), are all on probation this time around. If any of them drop out or fail to make their 8 wins, their ass is grass and will be sent back down to the sekiwake rank for the January tournament.

We'll see how this goes. I'm shooting for Kotooshu, Kakuryu, and Takamisakari (even though he is on the juryo rankings). I'll post an update next week on how the tournament is shaping up.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Story From North America

I came across this video a couple of months ago on The Daily of the Day. Its precticly been stuck in my head ever since. I hope it gets stuck in your head too!