Monday, October 22, 2012

How Does One Become Hardkore?

Y'all might be thinking, "So, what does it take for one to become hardkore?" No? Well, you should be. For me it all started with one man, Tom Green.

I come from the age right before the internet. When I was around 10 or so, we got our first internet connection. About five to six years after that, AOL was a big deal. Instant Messenger was the key to maintaining relationships with friends and classmates, and I was starting to come into my own. To tell the truth, I was a tad jealous of other people, because it seemed that they were given cool nicknames and I had to basically rip mine off of popular franchises. I was a big superman fan and I was going to graduate in 2001, so I became superman2001. Might be able to find my old site over at Tripod.

So, when I started conversing with one of my classmates in 10th grade, I wanted something better than to be associated with the man of steel. So I adopted the name of my other obsessionat the time, Tom Green. I eventually stuck with Hardkoretom. Being a hardcore Tom Green fan, it seemed natural to adopt the word hardkore and drop the green. I changed the c in hardcore to a k because it seemed like it would be too common in the future if there were going to be any ego maniac named tom that actually thought they were indeed hardcore.

So, there you have it. I made myself hardkore, because I can. If you're wondering what my real name is, just do a simple google search. I made it no challenge to find out who I am and what city I live in.

Thanks to everybody checking out my newest set of pictures over on my picture blog, Yashmat United.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not a New Beginning, Just Another One

Why, Hello there. My name is Tom. I am a photographer and a podcaster. This is my third active blog and it is probably my next biggest step in my progression towards being a freelancer and entrepreneur.

My main blog is called Yashmat United. It is primarily a photo blog based around my adventures as a photographer. More and more, I've been doing write ups, tutorials and giving tips on the other facets of the photography industry. Some of these have been: Developing film, How to light up your subjects/models in a controlled space, and how to take better pictures. My picture taking slowed down for a bit because I neglected my duties while I was in a short lived relationship, but I can't use that excuse. Look forward to more write ups in the near future.

The other blog, that I have only been working on part time, is a blog for my podcast Metal Tonite. The podcast itself is on hiatus, but I have been keeping up a semi extensive concert calendar for the southwestern region of the US. I mostly post the more well known groups, and/or the ones that I've seen in the past that I can vouch for. Occasionally, I also drop an opinion on a current event. In the next few weeks, I'm going to be starting up a top 10 list of current music news, events, interviews, and other weird news.

Lastly, I have started this site for my own entertainment and stress release. I've seen other sites like Bad Boy in JapanWhy'd we come... all this way?, and Relentless writing. Relentless wanking. and have been bit on the jealous side since my first two blogs were niche specific and I didn't have a spot to talk about general topics and current events. Well, thats what I shall be doing here.

Thanks for dropping by