Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just Two Blocks from Suburbia

As the year is beginning to wind down, it seems my schedule is ramping up! I can't remember ever having a year like this, where I have absolutely no weekends free until the beginning of November! The only saving grace is that I have nothing boring going on between now and then, its just the sudden rush of activities that have gone up.

I started this month off with a craft beer based camping trip I went on this past weekend called Camp Stout Out. A giant group of people (around 25-30) drove down to Dixon Lake, which is a reservoir/fishing lake, in Escondido, CA to camp out for two nights with a massive growler share the first night and an insane bottle share the second night along with a couple of activities sprinkled throughout the weekend.

The games included a bottle cap guessing game, where a yard long margarita cup (aka Yardarita) was stuffed full of bottle caps and you had to guess how many; a craft beer related quiz that included two rounds of multiple choice questions and a taste test at the end; and a photography contest. There were only a handful of people who participated in the photo contest, so it was a lock for me. Here was my winning picture.

Not as impressive as my other photos, but it still got the job done.

The growler and bottle shares were fairly unique. I figured most people would either bring a stout or an india pale ale, so I went with a mildly sour Clockwiese Berlinnerviesse from Bottle Logic Brewing here in Orange County. If anybody happens to be in the area, I HIGHLY recommend that place.

I had an awesome time other than a few minor issues with ants and the park rangers that kept buzzing us every hour or so. I hope all of you can experience something like this in the future. I have some pictures to share below. Hope you like them.
As much of a shot of the lake as I could get on my iPhone. unfortunately I don't have the panorama app :-(

Found just outside my tent over on the last night. Those raccoons look like they have alien fingers.