Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Man in a Big Small City

I was going to post this on my photo blog Yashmat United, but I found it better suited towards my personal blog. Maybe, I'll reblog it over there too.

This weeks adventures bring me to the blog hop setup by Kathryn over at her blog, Project Kathryn. What better way than to get out there and meet other people, be it in person or over the internet, then to participate in a wonderful activity made to bring people together? So I bring to you, finally, My city.

I'm not sure if I'm following the rules with this post, but I have a strong aversion to following rules in general. I took a 5 minute drive to the downtown section of my city, a place I've never traveled while carrying a camera. It was an area I traveled to and from frequently as a young kid, since my mom worked at the city hall before kicking the proverbial bucket. It was a place I had mixed emotions about. o.0 I should see if they have the farmers market down there still.

I really  didn't have too much to work with on this one, so I gave it my best. I think I used almost all of the shots I took too. So, I give you this one last shot that brings it all together. How? No clue, I just wanted to post it. Its of one of our strays that lives outside.

If you have a sec, take a stop by my portfolio site The Other Side of Time. See ya!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Creating a Podcast: Character Planning

One of the most difficult parts when you start a new project is yourself. I tend to be a big thinker so the ideas rush right in like a fast moving stream. They also tend to flow right out equally as fast. Other times I tend to scrap an entire idea after weeks of thinking back and forth. Since my last post the other day, I've talked myself in and out of this idea several times, and now its here to stay.

To start off a show, like mine, that will be character driven, is a main character. With that, there are two ways you can take it, a good guy or a real bastard. Now when I mention either of these two options, I don't mean coming up with "Goody Two Shoes" or the person who is completely void of any bad intentions, or the exact opposite with the bad guy. You have to have a character who tends to lean around the gray area and fall slightly in one direction. At least, from all of my pro wrestling viewing over the years, that's how it seems to me.

Now whenever I listen to the radio, the talk show hosts seem to be relatively good guys who just happen to have little streaks of jackass in them. For some good examples, Check out Bill Handel and John and Ken. These are the type of guys that I would love to use as inspiration. Well, actually more like Adam Carolla. The Aceman Is the king at being cool and a dick at the same time.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be revealing too much more info on the main character just yet. All I can say is that I've been thinking and planning this guy for a few years now. 

On my next post, I'll go into a bit more of guest and recurring characters. Thanks for stopping by.